Oppose EU Chatcontrol


It just came to my attention that the EU has voted in favor of Chat Control. Chat Control allows them to read all of your messages! This includes every single mail, chat message … you send to anyone.

This is not the end of the story however. For autumn 2021, they will attempt to make this mandatory. This must be opposed as it will have a serious negative impact on our liberties.

“I have nothing to hide”

You may hear this often from a select few people. This is simply untrue and it is easy to argue against: are you comfortable with telling the public every single detail about your private life? If not, you do indeed have something to hide. This is a right every living being should have.

The commision may pretend it will be only used for “good” purposes, but it won’t be: there will be many false flags and there is no guarantee your data will be safe from malicious people, e.g. hackers, blackmailers …

More info

The site chatcontrol.EU goes in much more detail. I urge you to read it as it explains very well why chat control must be opposed.